Our research focuses on the population dynamics of plants and how they are influenced by impacts of natural disturbances and global environmental change. We are particularly interested in the interactive effects of fire, grazing and drought in grasslands and woodlands in southern Australia, and how climate change, fragmentation and shrub encroachment affect ecosystems.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

More on alpine summits.......

Hi there,

just a couple of short movies from the tops of alpine summits in Victoria featuring myself and Dr Susanna Venn. Note the distance to treeline is really short in movie 1 - alpine plants really have nowhere to migrate to in such marginal habitats. Also note the evidence of fire in the landscape. The ecology of alpine vegetation in Australia is clearly about cold processes, disturbance, as well as biotic interactions. Untangling these effects is a major challenge. There is lots to study......


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